About our competitors:
The Kimberly Process was born out from the 2000 meeting with major diamond exporters and importers held at Kimberly, South Africa
It helped reduce the number of blood/conflict diamonds but critics such as Ian Smillie who was actually an early builder of the Kimberly Process say that it hasn't gone far enough.
One of it's many flaws is that it only recognizes illicit diamond mines as diamonds mined in unsafe conditions by rebel armies. Government armies can do the same thing but The Kimberly Process doesn't condemn the acts of these government armies.

The Solution

So how can we stop this? We can stop blood/conflict diamonds and actually do it better than The Kimberly Process by making diamonds mined from the ground illegal.
When ground diamonds are made illegal all over the world, we can also implement a law that all diamonds imported and exported must go through a diamond tester and if the diamonds are synthetic, they can be imported/exported and if they are actual diamonds, they should not be imported/exported
Illicit diamond miners earn less than a dollar a day. School children are forced to work to help support their families instead of being sent to school. So when illicit diamond mines are removed, then how will the miners get paid?
Well our research has concluded that international aid to developing countries especially Africa doesn't help them but hurts them by making them dependent on that international aid.
Our policy will develop the infastructure of Africa by supporting local stores and funding schools.

Why YOU Should Invest in OUR Idea

So you might be wondering "Why should I invest my hard earned money into this project?"
Well our policy not only makes it more difficult for rebel armies/government armies to produce diamonds but since people rely on these diamonds, our policy also has a plan to make Africa great again.
So what do you say sharks? Will you help us make the world a better place by investing 400k for 15% of our company?